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This is not just a business for us. We hope that by doing what we do, we can help in the recycling effort but also pass on these items to people in poorer countries who cannot afford new things. Rather than just throwing the spoilt things away, the rag-and-bone man is now just a click away. Your items is useful in other scenarios and we pay you for it. We are Singapore Karang Kuni Professionals ! We have 15 years of history in dealing with recycle business and we take pride in our business deals and we take care of our long term partners to help in an mutual beneficial manners. You can rely on us to help for the recycle of your items. Our contact number is 9722 1093 to learn more or view our listing on what we collected from our clients.
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Established since 2003 - Rag and Bones services - We are Professional Karang Kuni .
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