Do you have Old/Unwanted/Faulty stuff in your office or home? Then it's time to start reclaiming your space and, while you're at it, doing the environment a favour.


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Be it Office or Residence,we provide free collection service atyour doorstep!


Computer System Unit  
- Pentium II 233MHz & above. All computer systems must be complete with basic hardware. Eg: Casing, Power supply, Hard Disk, Floppy Drive, CD-ROM Drive, RAM

Computer Monitor
- Dual Analog/Digital Monitors
- Digital Monitors

 Laptops / Notebooks
    - Pentium 166MHz & above
- TFT Display
- Battery (at least 1)

- Epson Dot Matrix & HP Laser-Jet Printers Only

Photocopiers (Only Canon & Toshiba)
- Canon
Model no. starting with NP followed by 4 digits. Eg: NP 1215
- Toshiba
Eg: 1710, 2310, 2540 & 2860

Television Set (TV)

- Made in Western/European countries eg. USA, Denmark, Italy, Germany



HI-FI Set / Mini Compo
- Complete with CD player & speakers




Used / Old Clothing
- min 500 kg



Old News Paper
- min 800 kg

Metal Recycling

Our list is sporadically growing. Therefore if you have enquiries about products which are not listed here or pricing clarifications, please do feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory quote.

Price fluctuation is common in export market (Singapore to other countries eg: Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Pakistan, etc). This occurs primarily because importers from the above-mentioned countries have control over their pricing and can change their prices based on the demand of the product

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